Year In Review: University Libraries Endowments

This past year saw the establishment of several major endowments to support the work of UNLV students, faculty, and staff through the UNLV University Libraries. The largest gift, the $5 million Beverly Rogers Rare Book Curator Endowment, will establish the first named curator position in the University Libraries, while also enhancing the rare books collection in Special Collections and Archives. The University Libraries has been fortunate to secure several other new and deeply meaningful endowments this past year to enhance our collections and collections, including the following:

Peter Bondanella Speaker & Author & Italian Collections Endowment

This endowment was established by Julia Bondanella in memory of her late husband, Peter (1943-2017). Peter was a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Italian, Comparative Literature, and Film Studies at Indiana University, and received a Pulitzer Prize nomination for The Eternal City: Roman Images of the Modern World (1987). Julia chose UNLV and the University Libraries to house Peter’s extensive book collection based on the reputation of the university’s Italian and Film departments. In addition to the donation of books, the endowment stands as another testament to the couple’s belief in what UNLV has to offer.

Dunn Family Collection

This endowment was established by The Dunn Family Foundation to support the Teacher Development and Resources Library, which supports teacher education programs within the UNLV College of Education as well as P-12 educators across the region. Doug and Karen Dunn have been wonderful supporters of UNLV, having also recently established The Dunn Family Chair in Educational Assessment Endowment with the College of Education with a $1 million gift.

Fraser League Professional Development Scholarship Fund

Michael Fraser is a book conservator in Special Collections & Archives, running the Preservation Lab and focusing on conservation and preservation of rare books. Fraser is passionate about teaching UNLV students his craft, and you can often find students repairing books inside the lab. This endowment supports professional development opportunities for University Libraries faculty and staff.

Paul Charles Blau Family Endowment

This endowment was established by Connie Blau and her family in memory of her late husband, Paul Charles Blau, a UNLV alumnus. The Blau family created the endowment to provide annual support for a UNLV graduate student to work in the University Libraries. In addition, the Lied Library will name a Study Room, a Study Booth, and a table in the family’s name.

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