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Library Instruction Services Support The Following Learning Goals And Outcomes:


Students will be able to identify a research question that is appropriate in scope and feasibility in order to guide a research project.


Students will be able to develop and apply search strategies in order to locate sources to fill information needs. They will demonstrate flexibility and persistence as they revise their strategies. Students will be able to find information from a variety of types of sources in order to address a research problem.


Students will be able to evaluate information sources for different uses in order to complete research projects. They will apply critical thinking in order to determine the reliability, applicability and responsible use of the resource.


Students will contribute to the scholarly conversation at an appropriate level and credit the contributing work of others in their creation of new information.


Students will feel connected to and empowered by library spaces, resources, faculty, and staff.

Technology, Data Visualization, Multimedia,  And Design Instruction Services Support The Following Learning Goals And Outcomes:


Students will engage in the creation of new knowledge in order to  participate in scholarly and creative conversations and ask new questions.


Students will identify methods and technologies appropriate to the scope and purpose of their research activities in order to extend their learning and scholarly  reach.


Students will build community networks in order to expand the breadth and depth of their research and creative activities.

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