Tutorial Videos

Synthesizing Information

Synthesizing brings multiple pieces of information together to inspire a new idea or solution.

The Information Life Cycle

Discusses how information changes over time, from social media to scholarly articles and encyclopedias.

Citation Generator

How to create a citation using Quick Search

Writing An Annotated Bibliography

Define an annotated bibliography, identify appropriate sources for an annotated bibliography, employ strategies for creating an annotated bibliography

Finding Books

How to find books using QuickSearch

Getting Started

Offers a basic overview of the main resources for information and help on the library website

Thinking Critically About Information

Clarifies what it means to think critically about information. This tutorial offers some strategies to thinking critically and goes over some of the important questions you should ask

Finding Government Information

Goes over what government information is, what types are available to review, and how to find government information online

Asking Academic Questions

Goes over how to translate your interests into a research topic appropriate for a class paper

Submitting Your Thesis Or Dissertation

How to submit your thesis or dissertation to Proquest

Research Is A Conversation

Discusses how scholarly research is similar to a conversation. This video relates reading, asking questions, and presenting information to the elements of conversation

Using Other People’s Ideas

Discusses how to ethically use information from outside sources in your work through summary, paraphrasing, and direct quotes

Reading Scholarly Articles

Offers strategies for reading scholarly articles in order to save readers time and stress

Advanced Search Strategies

How to use advanced searching techniques to narrow or broaden your search results

Research Process Tips

Gives a basic overview of how to read and develop a research paper once you’ve found some source of information


Discusses the benefits of creating an ORCID iD to manage your researcher identity online

Finding Articles

How to use filters to find specific types of articles in QuickSearch, How to find recently published peer reviewed journal articles in QuickSearch, How to find article details, How to preview an abstract in QuickSearch, How to access the full text of an article in QuickSearch

Searching for Patents

How to find patents.

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