Lance And Elena Calvert Undergraduate Research Awards

The Calvert Award recognizes undergraduate students who demonstrate sophistication and originality in research projects.

Up to five prizes of $1000 each will be awarded in three categories: Emerging Scholars, Advanced Undergraduate, and Creative Works.

Photo of the eight 2023 Lance and Elena Calvert Award for Undergraduate Research winners holding their framed certificates.
2023 Lance and Elena Calvert Award for Undergraduate Research winners (front row) Zachary Billot, Safiyya Bintali, Allister Dias, Devan Henriott, (back row) Joy Cooper, Allyssa Sabelle Chua, Chantal Chandler, and Tabiya Conyers.

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Deadline for submitting applications

April 19, 2023
5:00 pm

Required elements

  1. Cover sheet (.docx)
  2. 500-750 word essay
    • Describe and reflect upon your research process and use of resources
  3. Final version of the research project or creative work
    • Include a complete bibliography (use citation style appropriate to discipline)
  4. A letter of support and a cover sheet from the faculty member or instructor of the course for which the research was completed
  5. If submitting a creative work, a 250-500 word artist statement
    • Describe the overall meaning of the work, techniques and resources used, and how specific influences or inspirations shaped the piece

Application resources

Information Session: Calvert Award for Undergraduate Research

Learn about the application process and submission evaluation. View the recording of 2022's information session here.

Tips on putting together a competitive application (6:21 video)

Contact a librarian for help with your research project before turning it in!


Applicants must:

  • Be enrolled as a UNLV undergraduate student at the time of project completion.
  • Have completed the research project under consideration for a credit course at UNLV during the most recent summer, fall, or spring semester. (If applying for the 2023 award, the course must have been taken during Summer 2022, Fall 2022, or Spring 2023.)
  • Agree to contribute to a display of their research during the year following receipt of the prize.

Projects by individual groups in all formats are eligible including:

  • Creative work (writing, art in any format)
  • Design portfolio
  • Digital media
  • Theater designs
  • Film
  • Fine arts performance (dance or music performances)
  • Poster presentation
  • Research paper or thesis

Creative works should be submitted electronically and be accompanied by any relevant program notes.

Questions about eligibility should be addressed to Amber Sewell,


Submissions will be judged on how well applicants demonstrate the following:

  • Sophistication, originality and/or unusual depth and breadth in the use of library collections, for example books and printed materials, databases, primary sources and materials in all media.
  • Exceptional ability to locate, select, evaluate and synthesize library resources and to use them in the creation of a project that shows originality.
  • Evidence of developing an understanding of the processes of research and inquiry.

 A panel composed of faculty, librarians, students and staff will judge entries using this rubric describing the criteria named above.

About The University Libraries' Lance And Elena Calvert Award For Undergraduate Research

With the support of a generous endowment from Lance and Elena Calvert, the University Libraries' Lance and Elena Calvert Award for Undergraduate Research recognizes excellence in undergraduate research projects that incorporate the use University Libraries’ collections and demonstrate sophisticated information literacy skills. The judges mainly focus on the research process: the demonstration of library research skills, adept use of library resources and reflection upon the strategies used to investigate a research problem. Winners receive a cash prize and public recognition of their excellent work.

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